Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Easiest way to Unlock Huawei and ZTE Modems

Currently, nearly all Huawei Modems ZTE dongles issued by service providers are protected, coded to work only with sim cards from a specific service

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Is your Huawei modem or ZTE also protected to a particular Sim card?
Don't panic, I will provide you tips on how to unlock your code free.
              Things that are needed
1: Download and install DC Client Modem Unlocker or Huawei Modem Unlocker (Just type it in google of your internet browser)

2: IMEI (Can be found on the Modem)

3: The Model

          How to generate your unlock code 
For Huawei Modems:

1: Install the Huawei Modem Unlocker software

2: Enter the 14 digits IMEI number in the space provided on the Huawei  Modem Unlocker setup.

3: Click on Calculate to generate the unlock code.
   For DC Client Modem Unlocker Software

1: Install the Client Modem Unlocker Software

2: Click on detect card

3: After it finished detecting the modem card, click on Unlocking, at the top of the right hand side of the software.

4: Click on Unlock which comes out after you clicked on Unlocking

4: After the Unlocking process, your modem will unlock for multi-network usage.

 How to enter your unlock code (For Huawei Modem only)

After receiving your unlock code,
a: Insert an unsupported Sim card into the modem, install the modem in your computer and you will be promoted for an unlock code

b: Type in the code (Which you generated from your modem Unlocker software)

c: Press OK

Then enjoy your unlocked modem

Note: After unlocking a modem you will have to create a profile for the network you want to use, by creating a profile on the profile management tab, you need the API, Username and password of the service provider.

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