Tuesday, 11 June 2019


So you have a small business, maybe even a business of one, and you feel like it's time to take it to the next level.
Here are must have items to get you started.

1. Professional Business Cards- Cutting cost can be a great thing, but your business cards represent you and your company when you are not present. So it should not be "flimflam, two bit piece of yellow paper," as studies reveal. This is not to say that you have to invest in over - the top pricey metallic business cards, though, if you've  got the means go for it- but perhaps relying on your self printed paper cards is not the best idea. It is important to take take the style and design of your business cards seriously or no one else will. How many times have you thrown away a card because they don't look professional?

2. Company E-mail Address - leave your Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, and Yahoo account for personal use; develop a company E-mail Address that will connote the same professionalism. It doesn't take a lot of technical knowhow to register a domain.

3. Update Website - You can't be taken seriously as a business, if you don't have any website. There must be a testimonial and compelling content that shall serve a reason to come back in your website.

4. Understand your Customers -Truly understanding your customers will help. What books or magazine would your customers read? What search terms would they use? Who would they follow on Twitter? Once you have an idea of where  your customers hangs out, you need to go there.
The more time you spend where your customers are, the more you'll learn about how  they think and whether or not you're focused on the the right group.

5. Customers must not go back with their money -Customers react differently to price menu; thus a seller should maintain a high level of maturity concept to avoid losing them to to other  prospective sellers. At times you might even sell below your normal price especially when the customer is a regular type. How ever, you should cover up through turn over. Anybody that doesn't react when it comes to money issue is not a normal human being; the person should be examined for anomaly or the other.

6. Attractive package  "First  impression they say last longer." At this inception of ICT in Nigeria, their is this discrimination attitudes towards 'airtime"  the one they called recharge card,especially the paper type, not to mention of recharging using transfer or VTU method. The impression they had was that the credit last long  unlike the one they scratch, which they claim last longer. Thus, teenagers move from place to place looking for the one that has authenticity from a reliable dealer why you at the street selling undesired one are zealously looking for customers. What attracts the  customer at the first place is the appearance of the package. How many times have you rejected sachet water because of the poor inscription of its NAFDAC No? Same thing applies to other goods and services.

7. Have courtesy and manner - Everybody loves a cheerful and assertive person. In most cases customers believe that such a person can not hurt  a fly and not to talk of exploiting them in any transaction. This shall be an edge to break even on time. Smile at customers, tell them what they want to hear, joke with them, but be highly profit - oriented.

8. Don't neglect your Neighbours, Customers at times don't go straight to a place where goods are sold. They will choose to embark on market survey on which they may decide to consult people around you. And if you are not a good ambassador in that line, forget that one. Your neighbours should serve as your spokesperson not your antagonist. They can equally look after your shops in your absence.

9. Avoid fake goods and poor services - You can only deceive a customer once and there many not be a second chance. Thus, you keep on losing customers until they reach extinction. It is actually hard to keep all records white but you should manage your inefficiencies well for proficiency reasons. When you give your customer sound goods or excellent service, even at high price , he will come back for more.

10. You might succeed in any thing you do in life but to be an exceptional scholar in the field of your endeavor, you must have fear, grace and favour of God Almighty. He can never change his promises, he is not an author of confusion and he will not withhold success from those who ask in faith. Please try to give your life to Christ and walk in his ways for you to be saved
Photo credit: Eze Luke Amobi( Elder).

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