Sunday, 16 June 2019

Steps on how to Attain a Life of Success

 Success is the achievement of something that you have been trying to do. So in this article, I will highlight some steps to take in other to achieve
your goals.


Work is utilizing and empowering the totality of physical strength or mental power in any field or global you are; so as to achieve something special and unique. It requires the totality of both physical and mental power because anything to be done requires a certain quantity of impetus to make it different. In the same side of coin, it is something that must be done in order achieve something bigger in future,   something that must be done to get what you want. It is throwing your whole mental and physical efforts to any job, position or any angle you are in order to get the expecting output. It is the tree you must climb to get your favorite fruits. The divided of work can not be over emphasized since it is the genesis of any thing good. That is why it is important and advantageous to manifest your total potentials in any field you are, so as to make something out of it. When the term work creeper into the mind, it means you want to manage or operate some so as to benefit from it.  It means you can afford the sacrifices of the condition to be successful.
Some can view this term work in different perspectives, but work is only but desiring  and working towards a certain goal set in life. In any field you are, there is what you suppose to do so that condition of things will be changed positively.

 Persistence and Perseverance in Work

Persistence is continuing to do something in spite of difficulties. It is continues existence of some thing. The word as an adjective, persistent is refusing to give up, continuing without interruption- Oxford Advance learners dictionary. Perseverance is continued steady effort to achieve an aim; steadfastness. As a verb, persevere; to continue to do something in spite up difficult.
The law of persistence state that Persistence is what breaks any form of resistance, a times when people get problem in what they are doing, they will quit, they lack Persistence and patient mind, they will succumb even before they are pushed, Persistence and perseverance is a certain way to achieve great thing, some are always knockout of the game because of their inability to continue, you will never complete or get what you are looking for if you quit, ways to success is not broad; you must encounter and be confronted with many problems that seem insurmountable at site, but if you continue trying even if you fail, you will succeed once again.

The part to your Future And Your Success

The highest enemy you  have against your future is no other thing but your self, because people may disagree with you yet you succeed , but you will never succeed if you disagree with your self and it is what you called your self that you will be, your beginning is what will illuminate your future, that is why it is indispensable to have a good start, the way you do things now  is what will determine who you will be in future.
When you dream to be somebody and you don't work, it means you want to take where you didn't keep, when Adam was told by God to work, he knew that Adam will only becomes whatever he want to be in life through work. This world is a journey and a Marathon, lazy and sluggish people will only take their first steps and get tired,  while the dreamer and enthusiastic people will reach their destinations. Never you engage in a project you that you can not execute or finish. Some people, when they don't want to work, they will embark on a project they know that they can't execute, when they reach a certain point, they get tired, never you engage in a project you can not finish.
Try to ask your self: what am I aiming at?

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