Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Three Easiest Business to Start with Small Capital

From my research, I have observed that some people finds it difficult to start a business not because they don't have the capital to start it, but because they lacks the ideas of the type of business to start, but in this post, I will show you three easy  businesses to start with little or no
                                                                               Scouring Powder Production
Scouring powder as the name implies is a powdery substance used in washing/cleaning of stained pots plastics and tiles, 80% of Nigerian families either used kerosene stove or coal pot which result in regular stains on the pots. Prolonged stain of dust on plastic chairs and tables also result in relatively permanent stains . Sourcing powder is introduced to tackle such problems. The target market for the product include homes, restaurants, hospitals, hotels and offices.
You can start with capital as low as N8,000 and use commercial grind to grind your ingredients. The profit margin is can be up to 150%.
           Paint Making White wash Emulation Axe
Paint can be described as the final coating on an object, building or automobile that brings out the beauty in the colour desired by the owner. Paint comes in different textures for different purposes and classes of users. How ever, the demand for paint is more during dry seasons and festive periods. The is a wide market for paint as a product, this is so because, for every fabrication or building painting is necessary so to avoid rust and ultimately bring out the desired beauty as it should. There are basically b5 types of paint, they are white wash, emulation, textcoate, glosss and red oxide, all have the same production equipment.

This business is service- Oriented as it does not require buying and selling of products. Comedians are entertainers that feature in festival and showbiz. The current trend finds them also featuring in weddings, rallies, movies, anniversary, the same goes to for MC and more. This business is actually an art and has recently gained ground in some countries, its more of gift and talent than training.
This business requires virtually no cost, material or machinery, all you need is your God giving talent, GSM and a complementary card for contacts. The income, grows with a Comedian's repute and varies widely depending also on the caliber of clients.

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