Tuesday, 30 July 2019

How to format your Computer and install windows 7 operating system (O.S)

Have you been finding it difficult to format your system? Don't worry, from today on, you will be doing it all by your self, no need of spending your hard earned money in formatting your system again. I will teach you how to format and install new Windows. I will be starting by listing out the necessary materials needed for this project. Listed below are the items need to format your system.

1.ACD/DVD ROM DRIVE, (i.e. if you are using a mini laptop or Notebook or if your internal CD/DVD ROM DDRIVE is faulty).

2. A Window 7 operating system CD software (sold only for N200)

Make sure that your system is charged or on power

Now you are ready to format your computer by your self. Lets go!

a. Insert the windows 7 CD into your CD/DVD ROM DRIVE and restart your computer.

b. As it powers to boot, press the ESC or F12 or F9 or F8 key (press one of the aforementioned keys to bring out your system boot options, as the Booting options key of computers varies from one another. Any one you press and it doesn't bring out your system boot options, restart your computer and try another key listed above).

c. As your Boot Menu comes out, you will see something like Atapi CD/DVD ROM Drive
notebook Hard drive

Click on USB CD ROM if you are using external CD/DVD ROM DRIVE or you click on Atapi CD/DVD ROM Drive if you have your Windows 7 CD inserted in your internal CD/DVD ROM Drive. (Note: you will use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate and select the option you want).

d. As you select the CD/DVD ROM Drive on use something like this comes out
Press any key to boot from CD or DVD ROM.   Now as you press any key on your  keyboard something like this appears

Windows is loading Files. After some minutes this comes out  STARTING WINDOWS . Thereafter, a page comes displaying something like

Language to install .......English

Time and currency format ......English (United States)

Keyboard or input method..... US (you can also select British)

Click on the next icon. Click on install windows activated R2 (i.e. if you are using an activated Windows 7). Select the Windows activated operating system you want to install on the page appears next. Below are:

Windows 7 starter     X86

Windows 7 Home Basic X86

Windows 7 Home Premium X86

Windows 7 Professional X86

Windows 7 Ultimate  X86

Windows 7 Home Basic  X64

Windows 7 Home Premium X64

Windows 7 Professional  X64

Windows 7 Ultimate  X64

Click on I agree to install Windows activated and click on Next icon. Click on Custom (advanced) in the next page that appears.

e. " Where do you want to install windows activated? " is the next that appears. Select the Partition i.e. the Local Disk. Click on Drive Options (advanced) to format the partition you want to install the O.S. click on format icon on Next icon to progress with the installation.

f. Now the windows start installing the operating system as you see the inscription on the top of your screen installing Windows activated.
Sit back and wait as it processes. Note: it takes time for the installation to finish. Unlike the "Copying Windows activated files"  which immediately ticks good, the Expanding Windows activated files (0%)....takes some minutes to count and finish. Just be patient with it, it will surly count and finish.

Other things that will process are Installing features, Installation updates and Completing installation.

Before the installation completes, your computer will restart, just sit back and allow it to finish the installation processes.

f. After the installation process is completed, your computer will restart and display the following information which you have to respond to.

Choose a username for your account and name your computer to distinguish it on the network, click on the next icon after you input your username. Set a password for your account (it is for security purpose; its optional), then click on "Use recommended settings" as another page comes out. Another page displays, requesting you to set your date and time.

Thereafter, your booting process completes and brings you to your computer Desktop background.

It's done! Congratulations!! You have successfully formated and installed window 7 operating system in your computer, just by yourself.

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