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8 Quickest way to make Money in Nigeria

After reading this, you wouldn’t need to ask the question “what can I do to make money in Nigeria” again. The ideas I will give you here are among the quickest way to make money in Nigeria. So forget all that you have heard in the past and read this thread carefully. If you need extra help, you can hit me up using the comment section. I would be so glad to tell you more money making ideas in Nigeria

If you are ready to sit up and work, I will show you how you can make a goldmine by doing things only a few people know about.

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Why do you need to make money in Nigeria fast?
  • The economy is crashing, thereby increasing the inflation rate.
  • Societal pressure to succeed
  • If you no get money, hide your face.
There are other thousand and one reasons you need to make money in Nigeria, whether offline or online. As long as the money will come, then you are good to go.
This post will be a combination of the online and offline methods to make money in Nigeria; so whichever one you are comfortable with, you can kick-start immediately.
How do you make money in Nigeria Fast?
Let us look at the popular methods to make money in Nigeria fast, after which I would add up my own secret method too.
Real Estate Sales
Haven’t you heard? The lowest commission you receive for any successful sales is up to Five Hundred Thousand Naira (500,000). The good news is that you don’t need to do any hard job to get that money.
All you need to do is just know any client that is interested in getting real estate, and you have the cash once the deal is secured.
Is it as simple as that?
Yes, the only hard work is to source for the client, there are people that would make them buy already. So you don’t need to spend so much time on one client.
These are the steps to make money fast in Nigeria as a real estate agent;
  • Find any real estate agency
  • Apply to become an agent – in most cases, you are given a temporary ID card to enable clients’ trust you better.
  • Source for clients
  • Refer the clients to the parent company
  • Earn your commission once the sale is established.
There are several Real Estate Firms in Nigeria like; Adron homes,, Peal homes, etc. All it takes is a little Google search to get more names within your locality.
N.B: I can help refer you to a trustworthy estate agent that would help you make money fast as a real estate agent.
Become an OEM Reseller/Agent
This is one of the ways to make money in Nigeria fast without any start-up capital. Once you become an OEM reseller, you have the ability to make money fast.
An OEM simply means Original Equipment Manufacturer. There are several OEM’s in Nigeria, and they are looking for resellers to help push their sales.

One of the difficulties in becoming an OEM reseller is that you might not get accepted without the right structure. The right structure means having a Company’s name and other structures a company should have.
The secrets to getting accepted are;
  • Identify the OEM you wish to market for – Oracle, Cisco, Checkpoint, Microsoft, etc.
  • Look for any of their already existing partners or distributors like DatagroupIT.
  • Setup a meeting and inform them of your willingness to become their partner
  • They would guide you on the steps to take.
If you already have a friend who owns a business name, you can use it to press for a partnership. You just need to contact the account managers of the OEMs and pitch to them the value you are bringing to the table.
OEMs manufacture several things ranging from Software to Hardware. All you need do is to
  • Identify those who might be interested in buying their software or hardware
  • Convince the company to buy
  • Sell at a higher price
  • Deliver the normal rate to the OEM and make way with your huge profit.

Become a Middle Man
How does it sound making money with little effort or no effort at all? If you want to make money in Nigeria fast, then you should consider this strategy.
How does it work?
Mr. B wants to dispose of something he no longer needs at X price, you inform him that you can help him dispose of it. You see Mr. A who needs something that Mr. B wants to dispose of, then you help transact between B and A.
It simply means connecting buyers and sellers together.

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Reselling Ebooks
As long as you know the source, then you can make lots of money for yourself. I have sold several Ebooks just by downloading them from premium sources and selling to people above 2k each. The secret is by downloading it and looking for people to buy it. This is one online business you can even do from home and still make a mad profit.
If for example, you see someone asking “how to make money in Nigeria”, you can easily give sell to them a well written Ebook on how to make money in Nigeria, and you end up making money for yourself. It is as simple as that.
Kindle Publishing
You don’t need any skill to become a publisher on Amazon and earn up to about 500k Naira within 6 months. You sincerely need to understand the concept of publishing on Amazon. It is as simple as learning ABC as an adult – even with little or no skill. It is one of the easy ways to make money in Nigeria. The popularity of Amazon is making it a good avenue for people to make money without actually spending cash.
Here is how I minimize my profit on Amazon;
  • I write the book
  • I visit for my free design templates. You can now modify any of the templates you find online to suit your book
Every other thing is on autopilot. If you have as little as 2k, you can also pay a designer to help you with that.
There are so many websites that do something like this, but most people are always scared to trade online in Nigeria. So you can use this factor to your own advantage.

These are the steps to publish on Amazon.
  • –         –  Log on to Amazon Kindle Publishing
  • –          Register
  • –          Fill up all the necessary information
  • –          Choose a book title
  • –          Write the book (You can hire a writer, or you go through some secret method to achieve that)
  • –          Design a book cover (You must hire a designer with knowledge of Amazon Kindle). You can pay for as cheap as 2k for a design.
  • –          Upload your book to the store
  • –          Start earning recurring income for life.
Does it sound interesting? It is actually simpler than I wrote up there when you start earning thousands of dollars.
The more I get ideas, the more I share. The ideas below are for hustlers who can do just anything to start making money. I will highlight some other real ways on how to make quick cash in Nigeria; basically for hustlers.
Walk People’s Dog
I gave a friend this advice, and today he makes good money from it. But the truth is that this business opportunity to make fast money in Nigeria is basically for those who stay among rich people. Even the middle-class people can afford to pay you, but I suggest you meet with the rich people.
All you need to do is just apply to help them walk their dog every day or any agreed date you feel would be convenient for you. It is one of the fast ways to make money in Nigeria if you aren’t the shy type. You also need to know that people would only give you their dogs when they trust you, and you also have good knowledge of dogs too. I suggest you find people who can refer you to other people that have dogs. There is so much money to be made from anything concerning dogs. Most rich people see their dogs as an investment, and they are willing to do anything to keep it healthy and safe.
      Donate Blood
Funny right? Yea, it is actually funny but true. If deep down your heat you know that you’ve got excess blood to joke around with, I suggest that you make your way to a blood donating center and make some cash. Nothing is more fun than selling something that you didn’t pay money to have.
The minimum amount to donate one pint of blood varies, so if you believe that you really need to make money in Nigeria so fast, then you can go ahead and donate blood. It is one of the ways to make fast cash in Nigeria – so go ahead and sell blood to people who need it urgently. It should be your own way of helping people in society who are sick.
Run Errands for People
I just experimented with this process a few days ago and I discovered it to be one of the fastest ways to make money in Nigeria. If you start marketing yourself, you can make up to 3,000 Naira daily. This business idea is still fresh and no one has started it.
A few days ago I met a woman at her office; she lamented about not having the chance to go and buy all the things she needed to buy that day. I explained to her that I offer such services for BUSY PEOPLE. Surprisingly, she asked me how much was my fee; I told her that I charge 700 Naira per hour.
She finally sent me on that errand; I spent about 4 hours (Lagos traffic) and did all that she asked me to do. I was paid the sum of 2,800 Naira working for just 4 hours. I left and went to another client who paid me 1,500 Naira for working for 2 hours.
In a day I make about 6,000 Naira, so you can see why I don’t beg for money on the internet. If you are looking for how to make money in Nigeria fast, then you have to be smart. Being smart means thinking in a different way from other people. When you think outside of the box, you will discover more money making ideas in Nigeria.
        Resell Softwares
Hey guys, I just found out this new opportunity to make money in Nigeria. It is a very huge market, which, fortunately, no one is thinking about that direction.
Most smart people are already using it to generate so much money, and you can be one of them. If you are such a good tech person, you can start reselling software.
There is some software that requires just a one-time payment and is very valid on multiple systems. These are the type of software that you can start reselling.
I will list out the steps for you;
  • Find software that has a one-time payment
  • Check if it can work on multiple systems
  • If it works, find a market where you can sell the software with the license key
  • But the software and sell the license key for a considerable amount.
Here is the trick;
Let’s say you pay $100 to buy the license key.
You sell it at 5k each {because the users know how expensive it is}

Then you sell it to 20 people.
20 x 5,000 = 100,000 Naira.
Your profit
100,000 – 36,000 = 64,000 Naira.
Does this sound like a good business for you? You can then invest in more software and continue making money.
       Data Reselling
Do you know that 80% of Nigerians buy their data directly from their network providers at a very high rate? They are wishing they know where they can buy it for a cheap amount.
What if you can start selling data for a more cheaper price, do you know how much you would be making on a daily basis?
How is data reselling done?
It is very simple to start reselling data at a cheaper rate. There is something called SME Data by network providers, and that is what you will start reselling. So what are the steps?
  • Register as a data reseller with the network providers.
  • You will complete the required registration process
  • You will be assigned a unique ID
  • You will then purchase Data at a bulk but a cheaper rate
Once you have purchased the data in bulk, you can then start selling. Believe me that everybody out there with a smartphone needs a data bundle.
It is a very easy product to sell without stress. There are several things you need to make this business a very lucrative one.
Marketing ability
This would help you make sure you reach a lot of people who are willing to buy your data bundle. There are several places you can market your data, and they include;
  • Forums (Nairaland),
  • Facebook,
  • Instagram,
  • and on your Whatsapp wall.
Whatsapp contact
This would help you attend to your customers so fast. Once they reach out to you, you can make sure to attend to them so fast. It is good to keep a record of each customer, that is what helps them come back for more. You can also do giveaways sometimes, and that would be a good way to give back to those who patronize you.
Other best ways to make money in Nigeria during weekends
           Ushering Jobs
It is normal for most people to be short of money – unless you are a rich kid during weekends. The weekend offers a great opportunity to rake in some money in Nigeria. I am not referring to the “popular method of making money among youths”, I mean hardworking methods.
There are several weekend jobs to earn you some cash during the weekends, but the most popular of them is either ushering or catering jobs. There are several parties going on around various states in the country, and all you have to do is to register with several events planning firm.  Once an event pops up, they will employ your services.
Ushering jobs is one of the best ways to make money in Nigeria very fast during weekends. You can try it out and tell me the result.
         Become a Bouncer
One thing is common between Friday night and Saturday – party activities! Most parties require people to keep every attendee on the check. Which is what gives rise to a modern form of security called “Bouncers”.
The only thing is that you must be huge and muscular to be able to get this type of job role. Once you are muscular and a little bit powerful, all you need to do is go ahead to clubs, event planners and register to work with them. That way you are notified once an event pops up for you to be in attendance. What a nice way to make money in Nigeria with what you have in you!
Weekend Photography
Everybody knows this already, but I will explain a bit. If you have a camera and you understand about shooting and taking pictures; get your self down to any event planner, center and register. This is to allow you to have access to the location once any activity is going on within the premises.
Every event planner has their own set of registration rules, so you need to make the inquiries yourself. So if you have this skill, this is a perfect way to earn money in Nigeria during weekends.

Mini-importation can even make you a millionaire if you find a very hot product to import into Nigeria. Once you discover the product, the next thing is to make plans to import it and sell. This is a very sweet way to make money in Nigeria easily and without stress.
The only problem here is the shipping fee – you must find a good company or agent that will import your products for a very cheap fee – so that you make more profit and sell cheaper than your competitors.
               House Agents

This business is a very lucrative one, in fact, you can make thousands of naira in a week, I did this business when I was an undergraduate and it really did  help me a lot, through out my stay in school. What I was doing is that, at the beginning of every section, I will write some adverts and past at different departments so that when the new students sees it, they will start calling me, I also made some arrangements with the Landlords at my area and with other top house agents, so when ever I get a client, all I have to do is just to take them to the house and collect my own share of the money. Believe me, you can do this better as a student.

I will still be updating this post with more ideas, so you can always check back for more idea that can help you make money in Nigeria this 2019.
These are the ways to make money fast in Nigeria online if you don’t have the capital to start. 
If you have questions, please ask using the comment section. I would love to hear your ideas.
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