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How to Double your subscription with Glo Yakata and Oga sim

Glo Yakata is a tariff plan which offers you More data and free call credit. I can say that this plan is another alternative to Glo Bumpa Tariff because You get 2,200% value on every top-up of 100 Naira. Meaning recharge of 100 Naira attracts 2,200 Naira bonus value and 200 Naira attracts 4,400 Naira.

Glo Yakata gives 2200 times of total recharge value in voice and data. E.g recharge N200 get N1000-N600 glo to glo and N400 glo to other networks . Also 250mb for browsing. Bonuses valid for 7 days, it's a product not a promo, you can check the voice balance by dialing *230*1#, Check data subscription by dialing *127*0#, share your Yakata bonus
by dialing *127*01*numb#

How to migrate to Glo Yakata

 To migrate to Yakata: Dial *220# on your mobile phone. Confirm you have migrated to the plan by dialing #100#

             Glo Oga Sim 

Glo Oga SIM is an incentive package 
recently introduced by Globacoms to reward new and existing customers with a remarkable 125% bonus on data plan purchases. The grandmasters of data has been known in recent times for being the pacesetter in the Nigerian telecommunication industry

Glo Oga Sim Plan 

With N100 you can get 180mb by dialing *127*51# it will last for two days.

Dial*127*56# to get 472mb with N200, it will last for 4 days 

Dial *127*57# to get 1.8GB with N500 only 

Dial *127*53# to get 3.5GB with N1000 only, it will last for 30days 

Dial *127*55# to get 8.2GB with N2000

Dial *127*58# to get 12.9GB with N2500 only 

Dial *127*54# to get 15.7GB with N3000

Dial *127*59# to get 22.5GB with N4000

Dial *127*2# to get 28.1GB with N5000

Dial *127*1# to get 45GB with N8000

Dial *127*11# to get 58.5GB with N10000

Dial *127*12# to get 94.5GB with N15000

Dial *127*13# to get 112.5GB with 18000

Note: the last eight codes I listed above, will last for 30days

To check your account balance; dial #124*1#

To check your data balance; dial *127*0#

To share your data plan with your loved one dial *127*01*numb#

To view numbers sharing your data; dial *127*00#

To delist a number sharing your data plan; dial *127*02*number#

To gift a data plan; dial *127*code of the plan>numb#

To check your phone number; dial 777*#

To transfer credit; dial *131*number*amt*00000#

  How to Migrate to Glo Oga SIM

Those who are asking how to migrate to glo oga sim or how to migrate from glo yakata to oga sim should know that there is no migration code for Glo OGA SIM.
all you need to do is to get a new Sim or simply make use of your old sim that has not been subscribed on for the past 3 months.

I think with this listed codes above, you can get double of your normal subscription

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