Wednesday, 25 September 2019

3 Best Ways to Find Customers For Your New Business

Its the hardest and most important task to find the customers for the new business. The right combination of Analysis, Statistics, Marketing, Understanding of Audience and Impact of business can land up in having the customer base.

Lets find some ways to find  customers for the new business through following points:
  1. Target Audience : Understand the target audience of the business. How to do that? Your business aims to sell some service or any product. Jot down who would like to have the service? For whom the product is useful? Get the basis also ready with you.
  • Demographic Basis - This divides the market segment on the parameters of age and life cycle, gender, income and financial status, preferences and social status.
  • Geographical Basis - This divides the market segment on the parameters of nations, states, cities or neighborhoods. It is more location based.
  • Psychological Basis - This divides the market segment on the principles types of customer that are, Personality and Lifestyle.
  • Behavioral Basis - This divides the market segment on the basis of customer’s attitude towards the product/ service. Behavior may change near some occasion or festival, or because of Loyalty status.
Now you know your Target Market. Now you know whom to focus on.
2. Product Differentiation in Advertising : Coming up with Advertising, the business should be able to present the product in a differential manner. The product/ service should reflect the its unique, user friendly and different from the available in the market.
NOTE: Make sure to pick the right mode of Marketing Mix for the business. Make the list of all the alternatives available. Mix them. Choose the most optimum one among all.
The marketing of the product/ service can be based on the following.
  • Features should be highlighted.
  • Presentation should be attractive.
  • Usage should be clearly stated.
  • Convincing content would be an add on.
3. Positioning : Since you have come up to the stage of having the customer base. You have convinced the customer. Now you have to capture their loyalty. How to do that? Understand what the target customers expect when deciding on a purchase. Redevelop the product/ service which caters specifically for the customers’ needs and expectations. Design a credible image that differentiates your brand from rest of the competing brands and products on the basis of the characteristics of the product, the USP of the service.
Few tips for achieving the attention of Potential Customers may go like:
  • Attend the ongoing meetings and seminars relating to your industry.
  • Sponsor local events.
  • Get Questionnaire filled from the general public to better understand the customer belief system.
  • Work on Referral system and Personal networking.
NOTE : Ensure that the business is spread over the Social Media. Social Media strategies should go hand in hand with the brand, product/ service and the market arena. Right content at the right time should be hit. The engagement received on Social Media can lead to the pool of your customer base in future.
Once a customer is made, take follow up or the feedback.
May your business gains the optimum customer base.

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