Wednesday, 25 September 2019

How to Build a Successful Web Design Business in Nigeria

I am sure you will get a lot of articles and videos over the internet claiming to be having a perfect idea to start a successful web design business. However, the points that you’ll get may differ, as success is measured differently by different people and also the methods that prove to be effective may vary from person to person.
Just adding up to your reading experience, for building up a successful web design
business, I believe following points should be kept in mind:
Start small
==> Start looking for small projects around you. The most effective method (although time taking and the success rate is very low) is cold calling. Just grab an online directory and search for businesses around you. See if they have a website, and if they don’t, gather the contact information and make a list of such people/companies/businesses. Even if they have a website, is that website that effective, try to note down some points so that you can brief them about those and while you pitch in. Make a list of such contacts, try to make around 30–50 calls a day (and please don’t rely on any script while calling, just make sure you talk to the point). Similarly, you can also drop in cold emails.
Talk Sense
==> While pitching in, being to the point and not loosing track is the most important thing. Moreover, we should know how to express the profits of a good website and what bad impacts an outdated website can have on the visitors. Regarding the pricing, it’s always recommended to have a good idea of the rates being charged around by others so that you can offer a competitive amount (don’t directly focus on profits, make sure you focus on building the clientele first even if you don’t make much profits).
Build a good portfolio
==> Since you’ll take up small scale projects, slowly and steadily you’ll have a good portfolio which you should never be shy to show off. Make sure you post the projects on your website (with the consent of your client) and social media.
Be approachable
==> Be active on your emails and social media handles. Try to be in touch with people and make sure you gain their trust. Try to respond back as soon as possible, with solutions to their issues which will allow you to gain credibility.
Later, you should definitely get in touch with other organisations. At times, there are organisations who do not have a huge headcount but a good amount of work which they outsource. You can give them a good customer experience and try to stay connected with them so that they can bring in more business to you.
These points are kind of bookish though. Ultimately, no matter what your business is, the success depends upon your sales. Target the right people/business with a correct approach and make sure that you try your best to stick to the commitment you make to them and a will to keep moving ahead (as the chances of tasting success in first attempt is very low, we need to keep the spirits high all the time) is all you need to make your business successful.

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