Sunday, 15 September 2019

Six Steps on How to Sell Books on eBay by Nigerians

In today's online world, the old fashioned used, or antiquarian, book store is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Now, if you want to buy a book, you go on line with a popular search engine and find out where to get it. The most popular way of finding a book comes from using "eBay," the popular online auction website. You can also set yourself up to sell books on eBay in the same way you can buy from an eBay seller. eBay makes it easy for you to sell your books on line. They even provide a way for you to have a virtual book store without a
physical location 
Sell one book or a thousand books on eBay. It all begins by listing the book on eBay.
To do that, you must be registered with eBay. Registering gives you the ability to not only buy but also sell. Create an account and follow the steps outlined on the company's website to register with eBay.
Agree to their stipulations and rules for selling. This will also include how you will accept payment.
  • The most popular, and the means they will urge you to use, will be by establishing a PayPal account. This account is like a credit card account that you use to transfer money from your bank account to another or vice versa.[2]
  • The PayPal account is based on the Visa credit card system and allows you, after a certain probationary period, to receive an actual card that can be used like a credit card.
Know you are ready to sell. You can use your PayPal account, or an agreed-upon means to accept payment, to pay your auction fees. Generally this will be on a monthly billing cycle.
Go ahead and sell that book now on eBay. Log onto eBay. Go to the top and click on "Sell."[3]
  • The process will begin by asking for the ISBN number of the book. This can be found on most dust jackets or the publisher information page - usually the 3rd page of the book. Type in the number and it will pull up the information about the book including a photo of the dust jacket.[4]
  • This action will take you to a page that will walk you through the process in 5 easy steps, including noting the condition of the book, the price you are asking and the means of and cost of shipping the book.
  • You will be asked to fill out a comment section on the book. Give information on the edition and if it has a dust jacket.

Note whether the book is creased or the spine is broken.[5] This is important. Be absolutely honest in the description. Otherwise, It will come back to bite you with a buyer's negative feedback when you try to sell or even buy again.

Choose to sell in auction or as a "buy-it-now" purchase. One of the most important steps you take will be to ship off the book as soon as you receive confirmation the book has been paid for.

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