Sunday, 10 November 2019

11 Skills that can make you ultra wealthy

  1. Sharing the wealth - When you make money, a lot of people make money. Can you imagine how attractive this skill is to others?
  2. Be aggressively patient - Work your ass off and be patient.
  3. Persuasion - The art of confidently asking for what you want. Most of the world's wealthiest people started out in sales.
  4. Recruiting - Hire the best employees and surround yourself with great mentors. Being able to attract amazing people into your life will have a direct impact on the wealth you build.
  5. Leverage - Learn to delegate, use more capable people and focus on your strengths, build a team. Use crowdsourcing, software, tech, marketing, everything to leverage your time and money.
  6. Energy Management - Want to drastically improve your productivity? Take care of your health by eating extremely healthy, start sleeping very well and taking more work breaks. There’s a reason why professional athletes consider resting an important part of their daily training regimen.
  7. How to problem solve - Take action to solve problems and say “NO” to 99% of things so you can focus on solving the right problems.
  8. Time management - Drastically improve your output by working on what matters, being great at prioritizing, and shortening the time to do things.
  9. How to manage money - Understand deeply how to save, invest, improve your credit, find deals, create passive income, etc.
  10. Reading people - Learn to tell an honest accountable person from a cheater, a hard-working person from a charismatic lazy person. Read people’s emotions and become a good judge of character.
  11. Learning - Everything is about improving. Learn how to learn better. Always adopt a beginner's mindset and never be afraid to fail. In fact, fail often and fail better.

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