Wednesday, 20 November 2019

4 ways to maintain an iPhone so that it’ll last for as long as possible

  • Keep the battery between 40% and 80% the and unplug it when it reaches 80%.. yes, this is inconvenient but it will make the phone battery last for many years. Batteries have limited charge cycles, but if you charge the battery to 80% only, it will last 200% longer according to studies.
  • Use battery saver mode and avoid too much heavy 3D gaming or heavy tasks on the phone.. the CPU and GPU will put a lot of stress on the battery and thus reduce the life of the battery. Just buy a cheap secondary phone (or use an old phone) and use that for gaming or heavy multimedia use. A budget or mid-range phone is still powerful enough to play most games.
  • Use a dark theme, avoid using high brightness on the screen, and don't allow a static image to stay on the screen too long (especially if you use the phone for turn by turn navigation like Waze or Apple Maps, etc.). The screen will get worn out if you use high brightness.. and also, if the phone has an OLED display (or AMOLED), it will probably suffer from permanent “screen burn in”.. but you can avoid this by being careful and following the steps above.
  • AVOID updating the software, especially the “final” software update as for some reason, there's always issues with the final update causing problems for users (planned obsolescence maybe?). Don't worry about security, iPhones are already extremely secure.. the most likely way to get hacked is through email phishing or using a weak password.You're probably going to hear a bunch of paranoid Apple fans telling you to update the software, but look at the users who updated to iOS 13 from an iPhone 6s or SE.. a lot of complains.. it's up to you.
Your iPhone will become obsolete no matter what.. this is because Apple designed it that way. Once the phone no longer receives iOS updates and several iterations of iOS versions have already been released, you will be prevented from installing or updating apps from the Apple App Store.. it will say “this application requires iOS version X.X or later. You must update to iOS X.X in order to download and use this application”. If you cannot install or update apps, the phone pretty much is useless and nothing more than a brick at this point.. but don't worry, that won't happen for a long time, I would say in at least 5–6 years at least after the phone is released that you will encounter this problem. Other than that, iPhones are built very, very well and they age very well if you take care of it.. but the software is doomed from the start and will be obsolete guaranteed in the future. At least with Android, you are still allowed to update and install apps no matter which software version you have.

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