Sunday, 3 November 2019

9 hotel room safety tips that everyone should know

  1. when entering the hotel room, prop the door wide open with your heaviest suitcase, enter the room and check that it is indeed empty. Open wardrobes, glance under the bed, ruffle the window curtains and check behind the shower curtain if there is one. Most people enter and lock themselves in, which you wouldn’t want to do if there’s an intruder hiding on the inside.
  2. Try to stay between floors 3–7 if it’s a high rise building. Anything below 3 is easier to climb to and rob, and anything above 7 could be disastrous in the event of a Fire- most fire fighter ladders extend to around the 8th floor so it’s just a lot easier to be rescued from a window within reach. - Edited.
  3. When leaving any items in the safe, leave an item such as the shoe you will wear when you leave. When you go to leave the room and have only one shoe, you’ll be reminded that your other is in the safe along with valuables- so many people forget to empty the safe when they leave. Be aware that even an in room safe has an override feature so it’s not totally secure.
  4. Consider leaving the tv on at an audible volume when you go out… people will be less likely to target your room if they think someone is inside.
  5. When you hang the “do not disturb” sign on your door handle- quite often these have a side in English and a side in the local language, hang yours with the local language DND facing out. Robbers are more inclined to steal from tourists. Same goes for TV above, you may wish to leave it on a local channel.
  6. Use your deadbolt and spy hole, always. Consider keeping something in front of your door which can alert you to a night time intruder- just a bag which can make a noise or fall over when the door is opened. You can also buy special door alarm clamps specifically for this purpose.
  7. Use the emergency exit map inside your room and consider doing a practice run of where the fire escape routes are located in the hotel, and remember if there is a fire, do not use the lifts.
  8. This one is a little grim- but if you are trapped in your room due to a severe fire, immediately put the plug into the bathtub and sink and begin to flood your room, take towels, sheets, pillows and drench them, place them along the door sill and try to seal up gaps so smoke doesn’t easily enter your room, you can use your wastebin or ice bucket to bale water from your bathtub to drench the carpets and door areas.
  9. If you are faced with certain death due to hotel fire, your escape route is blocked and perhaps you’re not in a place that can rescue you from your window, and jumping out will kill you anyway and you’re sure there’s no escaping a grim fate… Consider lying in the bathtub full of water, keeping your face out. The smoke will kill you first with its noxious poisonous gasses, and you will slip into the water. This will offer some level of protection for your dead body during the recovery of remains, rather than being a charred pile of ash.

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