Monday, 25 November 2019

All you need to know about Nigerian Opay

 They are more than a payment company. They believe everyone should be able to enjoy financial and social inclusion, without regards to physical borders, boundaries, or social statuses.
Opay is a one stop mobile based platform for payment, transportation, food and grocery delivery, as well as other important services for your every day life. Millions of users rely on Opay everyday to
send and receive money, pay bills and order food and groceries.

Why Opay?
1.   Free charges
No cost for opening a merchant account
No charge for receipt payment from your customers.
No charges for your customers.

2.    Real time payment receipts from your customers.
Business Analysis:

Opay does it! They provide monthly sales analysis for easy viewing and analysis of product sales trend.
3.    Massive promotional to engage customers:
When your customers use the scan-to-pay with Opay, they will get incentives.

4.    Financial interest: 10% annual interest when you save your money with Owealth.
5.    Cashless: No need to worry about change in dealing with customers  
6.    Supports multiple banks to connect with your Opay account for cash withdrawers or transactions:
GTB, First Bank, Wema Bank, Sterling Bank, FCMB, Union Bank, Heritage Bank

Marketing support
Free to open a merchant account ; register your business on opay and millions of customers can see it.
Free branding materials like outdoor signage, danglers, desk stand for QR code with your business name or ID

Fress POS (available for level qualified merchants)

Q: Qualification
A: They are licensed by Central Bank Of Nigeria
Q:Does an Opay employee know my pin?
A:No, your pin is created by yourself and only known to you. No one else knows your pin because this information is encrypted and blocked by computer algorithm. Opay will never demand for your pin.
Q: If my phone get lost will my account be safe?
A: Yes, no one can access your account without our pin. Even if your mobile phone get lost , your Opay account will still be safe.

Q:What if I forget my PIN?
A: Simply click the reset button, and a verification code will be sent to your registered email account. Enter the verification code on the Opay app and enter your new pin to reset.
Q: How can I get a merchant account?
A: They will have an Opay staff to provide the service in your store. Your business basic information and license will be required.

How to bind bank card
Step 1
Click on ‘Add Money’
Step 2
Select add new payment option
Step 3
Click on debit Card

Step 4
Enter your card information
Step 5
Click on Add card to successfully add your card

How to top up in Opay
Step 1
Click on add money
Step 2
Select  the debit card you want to use , fill in your card CCV and amount you want to add to your account and click on ‘Add Money’
Step 3
Enter the OTP sent to your mobile phone and click on Complete Verification to succefully add money to your account.

How to withdraw from your Opay app to your bank
Step 1
Click on ‘Transfer’
Step 2
Choose ‘Bank’ then select the bank you want to transfer to, enter the account number and enter the amount.
Step 3
After filling the receiver’s bank details, click on ‘Done’ to procced

Step 4
Click on ‘Pay Now’ to confirm the transfer.

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